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Aikido is not a sport or a type of exercise.  It is not only a self-defense class.  It is a path that uses austere martial training to awaken the student’s true nature and understanding of one's self.  Self-defense is integral to Aikido training, along with increased awareness, physical health, and a deeper understanding of the universe and your place within it.  Sincere, committed training will have a positive aspect on every part of your daily life.

Aikido is more than an art form.  It is a cultural art.  Culture implies cultivation, like tending a garden or field.  Culture also means the training and refinement of the body, mind emotion, perception, etc. 

One can only know what one knows and do what one does up to their level of development. One cannot flower or seed before their time but sometimes, for a fleeting moment one may intuit the relation to the great spirit. The culture of Aikido is the process, the means by which one may experience greater resonance with that wihich is sacred and holy.

The late Nobuo Iseri Shihan

Founder, The Moving Centre, 

Now known as Ventura Aikikai

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Call or Text (805) 794 7110

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