Statement of Professional Ethics

1. Aikido Teachers, guided by a deep conviction of the worth and dignity of the path of Aikido, recognize the special responsibilities placed on them as teachers and guides for their students.
2. Aikido teachers encourage and support the learning process of their students and demonstrate the best possible standards of the disclipline and art of Aikido. They demonstrate respect for the student as an individual and adhere to their role as guide and teacher. Aikido teachers avoid exploitation of their students for their personal advantage. They make every effort to assure that their evaluation of students reflect their true merit. Aikido teachers are aware of and sensitive to the power differential inherent in the teacher-student relationship.
3. As a member of Birankai North America, the Aikido teacher is committed to creating and maintaining a community free of all forms of disrespectful conduct including harassment and exploitation. 
4. Aikido teachers and practitioners do not engage in sexual harassment.
5. Harassment is not limited to a sexual nature. Aikidoists do not knowingly engage in behaviour that is harassing or demeaning to persons with whom they interact in the Dojo environment based on such factors as the persons age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language or socio- economic status.
Birankai Ethics Committee


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